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About Me

     Ms.  Lamboy received her bachelor’s degree, with an emphasis in early childhood education, from the California State University of Sacramento.  She received her teaching credential from the University of Dominican in 1996.  She has taught at many grade levels, but most enjoys the grammar stage of learning.  She was first exposed to Classical Education when she was homeschooling, for her church, and immediately grasped the value of classical techniques and methodologies.   She has taught first grade for the past ten years and has a passion for igniting the moral imagination in these young scholars.  Ms. Lamboy is one of the founding teachers at John Adams Academy, and she has honed her craft as a classical educator while there. She is currently pursuing a Master’s of Arts in Humanities, with a concentration in Classical Education, from The University of Dallas and looks forward to sharing her experience, and bringing all that she has learned, to inspire and encourage the faculty of her school and church communities.  Ms.  Lamboy is devoted to learning and growing in the gospel through teaching, friendships, and community.  Ms.  Lamboy lives in Midtown Sacramento with her husband of twenty-four years.  When she is not studying, they enjoy baseball, slow dinners with friends, and travel.