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Mr. Ramirez, M.S, P.P.S.

Primary Counselor & Secondary Intervention Counselor. 
Mr. Ramirez's field of expertise lies densely in education and business.
Previous experience includes, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Fantasy Clothing Company and Commercial Screen-printing Company. Research analyst for Seed Change, a venture capital firm in San Francisco, CA. In the past, Humberto interned at Cavendish Global, a private equity firm out of Cooperstown, NY and participated in various Health Impact Forums across the country. Humberto has been a part of the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative Scaling Program, which is linked to the Stanford Graduate School of Business. It teaches entrepreneurs from all around the world how to scale their businesses. In education, Humberto has worked as a long-term substitute teacher in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Humberto has also worked in the Financial Aid Office at Sacramento State University. Altogether, Humberto has 12 years of experience in education. Currently, Humberto is devoted to the success of John Adams Academy, which is a charter school determined to restore America’s heritage by developing servant leaders. In addition, Humberto is the CEO of a software company focused on education management.