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John Brennan

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John Brennan gained an appreciation for classical education during his course of undergraduate studies at Thomas Aquinas College which offers a 4 year Great Books program in Santa Paula, CA. His experience there eventually inspired him to help found a parent run private school in 1993 where he served as high school and junior high teacher, as well as headmaster, Board member and Chief Financial Officer.  To support his growing family he eventually left the teaching field to earn an MBA and work in the financial services industry in auto finance and residential mortgages as well as start his own landscaping business.


He and his wife Cassandra are the very busy and proud parents of 8 children from ages 22 down to 4. After years of private, public and charter school experiences they joined the John Adams Academy community in November 2014. As a new Trustee, John enthusiastically looks forward to advancing the Academy’s mission of forming scholars into the humble, but well-educated and entrepreneurial statesmen and stateswomen America so greatly needs.