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Fortune is a TK-12 network of 9 tuition-free public charter schools in Sacramento and San Bernardino. The schools include: Hardy Brown College Prep, Fortune School, William Lee College Prep, Alan Rowe College Prep, Ephraim Williams College Prep Middle School, Hazel Mahone College Prep, Tecoy Porter College Prep, Fortune Middle School and Rex and Margaret Fortune Early College High School.
Sycamore CreekSycamore Creek Community Charter School, a TK-8th grade tuition-free public school located in Huntington Beach, offers a curriculum guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education, focused on developing the child’s active will, and supporting clear and independent thinking. SCCCS is committed to contributing to the healthy growth of the whole child at each stage of development.
Voices LogoVoices College-Bound Language Academies Network, recognized by Innovate Public Schools as being a top Bay Area public school network for underserved students, has three schools in Santa Clara County, one school in Contra Costa County, and two schools in San Joaquin County slated to open fall of 2020 and 2021. Voices’ mission is to prepare all students for the challenges of higher education through the context of an academically rigorous dual-language program.
Parent Strike CoalitionLook for your school district or public charter school, and see if you or someone you know will be DIRECTLY impacted by state budget cuts to growing public schools.