John Adams Academy-Online » Scholar Expectations: Required Attendance and Engagement

Scholar Expectations: Required Attendance and Engagement

All online learning scholars have a daily program of regular, structured school in which they must participate.  Some of this is live, synchronous video classes, lessons, and activities which take place at scheduled, regular times. Daily engagement through our online platform is required.  The John Adams Academy-Online model is not one of independent work with occasional teacher interaction; it is one of regular online instruction and contact with teachers and peers, supported by independent work.  John Adams Academy-Online is not homeschool; it is, rather, school at home.

Scholars are accountable for daily work, and teachers will regularly and actively assess scholar progress. The grading systems used for in-person learning will be the same for the online program.

Parents are expected to encourage, inspire and support their scholars in their online learning. Parents will provide a clean, inspiring, quiet space for scholars to conduct their online classes. Parents will also actively check their scholars' work and progress in their classes and will help them access all online formats, materials and supplies. Most of all, parents will make learning a top priority in their homes.

Required Attendance and Engagement

  • Daily login to online platforms required
  • Daily submission of student work (not weekly submissions)
  • Attendance in online classes required
  • Academic and other consequences for non-attendance