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Grading & Assessments

At John Adams Academy we want to recognize scholar accomplishments in their mastery of grammar, logic and rhetoric; and in application of the principles of freedom and servant leadership, not solely by GPA.

The Academy’s assessment methods are based on the following beliefs:

  1. Authentic: Scholar assessments must be authentic. The Academy uses backward design planning to ensure assessments measure the actual learning that has taken place. Within this model, pretests are given, learning outcomes established, and assessments are designed before any learning activities are introduced. Teachers need to specifically know what common core standards and other information they want their scholars to attain before they can design the learning steps necessary for mastery of this information. There are less “textbook developed” tests and more teacher created and project-based assessments.
  2. Multiple Measures: The Academy utilizes a variety of assessments (i.e. tests, observations, projects, standardized tests, classroom discussions, term papers) to determine scholar achievement.
  3. On-going: Scholars need on-going assessments in order to ascertain whether skills and knowledge have been truly mastered. Teachers use formative (specific skills), summative (overall concepts), and portfolio assessments as evidence of scholar achievement.
  4. Informative: Assessments should promote and support reflection and self evaluation on the part of scholars, staff, and parents.
      • Standards based grades and feedback provided in elementary. Letter based grades and feedback provided in secondary.
      • Assignments and assessments scored and graded regularly
      • All grading and feedback will be done with a mentoring mindset and goal of helping scholars learn and grow both academically and in their ability to show perseverance and diligence in becoming scholar empowered learners.

Formal Assessments

      • Regular assessments for online learning scholars (BPST, Fountas and Pinnel, i-ready (elementary) i-ready, PSAT and CLT (secondary)
      • Required state standardized testing (CAASPP, CAST, PFT) in Spring for grades where it is required.