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Materials Donation Program




Parents are requested to contribute a $100 per scholar donation (a tax deductible donation) to help offset supply costs. John Adams Academy provides classroom related supplies rather that make constant supply requests of parents. When John Adams Academy was first opened many parents expressed their desire to make a financial contribution to the school in-lieu of being asked to continually shop for school supplies on an on-going basis. In response to these parent requests the Materials Donation Program was created.


Although this voluntary $100 materials contribution does not cover the full cost of classroom supplies and materials at the Academy, it speaks to the heart of our Abundance Mentality by infusing this core value into our community in a very tangible way. Through this program, donors help provide the necessary resources to ensure that each classroom and every scholar has the supplies, materials and educational resources to be successful.


This donation is not a scholar fee and is not given directly for the benefit of any particular scholar. This materials donation is a voluntary donation made to the Academy to assist with the purchasing of materials for all scholars.


Donations received through this program are used to offset costs dedicated to expenses for classroom supplies, such as paper, pencils, and pens, glue sticks, Keep Books, facial tissue, construction paper, paint, etc. for scholars throughout the entire year.


Donations are made online through the website (via Pushpay) or at the front office. All donations to the Academy are non-refundable. Donating $100 per scholar all at once may be difficult for some families. For those who know how important this contribution is and desire to make a donation over time, please contact our Business Office to make financial arrangements.


Members of the Business Office can be reached by phone at (916) 780-6800, or by email at


If a scholar or family does not make a donation, there is no impact on that scholar’s access to educational activities.