Independent Study is conducted solely for the educational benefit of the scholars attending John Adams Academy as a means to encourage daily engagement in school work even during times of extended absence. Parents are to give at least seven (7) school days' notice of a request for Independent Study.
In an extenuating circumstance (i.e. a serious illness, injury, or family emergency), with proper approval, administration will work with the parent/guardian to implement an Independent Study program in an expedited manner with less than seven (7) school day's notice. 
Independent study requires approval from the Headmaster or designee. 
Scholars who will be absent a minimum of three (3) consecutive school days up to a maximum of ten (10) consecutive school days may be eligible to participate in Independent Study.  Independent Study allows a scholar to remain current in his/her studies and the Academy to retain a portion of its Average Daily Attendance (ADA) funding. 
Independent Study requests for periods less than three (3) consecutive days may be allowed on a case-by-case basis with approval by the Headmaster or designee.  
Requesting Independent Study
To request Independent Study, please complete a Request for Independent Study Form and submit it to the office at least seven (7) school days in advance for approval. 
Please complete and print one form for each scholar.  (Forms can be found at the John Adams Academy website under the "Academics" tab.  Forms can also be obtained from the Academy office.) 
Independent Study will not be granted during:
  • The first three weeks of school,
  • The last three weeks of the academic year, or
  • The final two weeks of each grading period (quarter). 
We understand that emergencies may arise and will do our best to accommodate reasonable requests for Independent Study. 
ALL INDEPENDENT STUDY FORMS AND WORK MUST BE TURNED IN TO THE OFFICE BY THE PARENT OR SCHOLAR.  Do not turn in independent study forms or completed work to the teacher.
Step 1: Obtain Independent Study Request Form
Forms can be found at the John Adams Academy website under the "Academics" tab.  Forms can also be obtained from the Academy office.
Step 2: Complete and Turn in Form
The front page of the Independent Study form must be filled out, signed by the scholar and parent/guardian, and turned in to the office--not the teacher. 
Step 3: Approval of Independent Study
The office staff will process paperwork and obtain administrative approval of the independent study request.  If approved, staff will submit the agreement to the scholar's teacher/advisor and obtain the assigned work for the scholar to take with them during their absence.
Step 4: Pick Up Assigned Classwork
On the last school day before the schedule absence, the parent and scholar will pick up the assigned work from the office for the scholar to take with them during their independent study.
The school attendance clerk will note the days of the scheduled absences from school, inform teachers, and will not call home during the period that the scholar in out for independent study. 
Step 5: Complete the Assigned Work
The scholar completes their assigned work/learning during the days they are out on Independent Study.  Work is to be done while on Independent Study, not after they return to school. 
Step 6: Turn in Completed Work
On the first day of their return to school, the parent/scholar must return the Independent Study Agreement with attached work to the office.  The completed work will be stamped received and provided to the Attendance Clerk. 
The Attendance Clerk will record the work in the attendance record for the ISP and will forward the completed work to the classroom teacher for grading. 
Failure to turn in the completed work to the office is a breach of the Independent Study Agreement signed by the parent and scholar.  Failure to turn in the completed work to the office will result in the scholar being marked absent for all the days they were to be on Independent Study.  Scholars will not receive credit for work not submitted and may be unable to make up those assignments, which may result in failing grades.