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At John Adams Academy we integrate the best educational ideas from classical, leadership and character building models, adapting them to maximize our scholars’ potential. 

The John Adams Academy Classical Education:


Our classical education is not just the pursuit of academic excellence.  At John Adams Academy it consists of six interrelated components:

  1. Our model is built on principles of sound education: caring teachers, parent involvement, aligned curriculum, well-planned lessons, and rigorous academic standards.

  2. Our academy emphasizes the study of history, philosophy, and government, including the individual’s role in preserving our freedoms.

  3. Our teachers encourage the development of the basic academic skills of critical thinking, reading, writing, and speaking.

  4. Our scholars deeply study key works that have contributed to the creation and development of our country.

  5. Our teachers guide scholars in understanding great works though modeling and Socratic dialogue.

  6. Our teachers help scholars make connections between subjects, to show how they converge into a single whole called “truth.”



The John Adams Academy Servant Leadership Training:


Leadership programs abound, but leadership at John Adams Academy is different. It is based on 4 interrelated components:

  1. The focus of leadership is on promoting the good of family, community, and country, above self.

  2. Service to others is incorporated into the curriculum.

  3. Scholars study the lives of servant leaders throughout history, and interact with community servant leaders through our mentoring program.

  4. Scholars model and practice leadership through simulations, historical reenactments, mock trials, etc.



The John Adams Academy Core Values:


Finally, where most schools limit their mission to academic development, John Adams Academy proudly seeks to develop the following 10 core values in the hearts of their scholars:


1.    Appreciation of our National Heritage

2.    Public and Private Virtue

3.    Emphasis on Mentors and Classics

4.    Scholar-Empowered Learning

5.    Fostering Creativity and Entrepreneurial Spirit

6.    High Standards of Academic Excellence

7.    Modeling what we Teach

8.    Abundance Mentality

9.    Building a Culture Of Greatness

     10.    Self-Governance, Personal Responsibility and Accountability



John Adams Academy seeks to develop these core values by integrating them into our curriculum in four unique ways:

  1. Our scholars memorize and recite our core values on a regular basis.

  2. Our academy requires high standards of conduct, dress, and grooming of our scholars and staff.

  3. Our teachers lead scholars in discussions of our core values when found in classical literature, or when otherwise appropriate.

  4. Our academy conducts assemblies, mentoring classes, service learning projects, and other activities centered on our core values.