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David Hicks in his book "Norms and Nobility" paraphrases Plato this way, "The classically educated student aims for more than a life of comfort; she aims for a life that knows and reveres, speculates and acts upon the good, that loves and re-produces the beautiful, and that pursues excellence and moderation in all things."

A Classical Leadership Education and specifically a John Adams Academy education is not about teaching or learning but about becoming; the quality of life of the individual student changes. There is clarity and understanding and polished ability to affect change in the world and impact people within their circle of influence. The classically trained student naturally transitions from preparing to serving and is inspired to lift others and move forward the cause of liberty.

The classically educated student not only learns wisdom but becomes wise from living the principles resulting from intensive study, immersion in the classics and the application of this education to improving the world. They will be great and will be prepared when called upon to perform the mission unique to them.

From ancient times through recent centuries only a small, elite number of the population received this kind of education; therefore, only that small fraction were qualified to govern, which by definition demands looking past the immediate or popular to evaluate long-range consequences, cause and effect.

In a Democratic Republic such as the United States all citizens have a part in government. Each citizen should be able to look past instant gratification, rhetoric, fancy speeches, and simplistic solutions in order to understand the right course of action based upon true principles. Every one of the citizens of this great nation has the responsibility once reserved for only the well-educated, the classically educated. And so, every citizen, college-bound or not should receive the type of education that will develop greatness in mind and character; to become an individual of integrity and sound judgment.

If we do not begin to educate ourselves and inspire our children we will continue to relinquish the privilege of self-government by putting ourselves at the mercy of a few "experts" until the disappearing democratic ideals upon which our nation was founded are completely lost and our American civilization is relegated with those that have fallen.

A classical leadership education as offered by John Adams Academy is the best prevention and the only hope.