Core Values » Core Value #4 – Scholar Empowered Learning

Core Value #4 – Scholar Empowered Learning

Teachers are responsible to inspire the essence of great teaching. Scholars are accountable to educate themselves by taking ownership for their own learning. Sir Walter Scott stated, “All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education.”   John Adams Academy recognizes this truth.


Successful scholars are self-motivated; they focus on their studies and need few reminders to stay on task. They are organized and come to class prepared. This is particularly important as John Adams Academy has a workload that is substantially higher than that of other schools.


We support our scholars’ self-learning in several ways:   These include enforcing strict standards of conduct, for our academy is free from the distractions that are often a part of many schools.  Our uniform policy ensures that all scholars are dressed in the same manner.  Talking or texting on cell phones is prohibited. Rules against bullying are strictly enforced. Displays of amorous affection, one of the greatest distractions to serious study, are prohibited on campus. When scholars have incentive, motivation, positive environment, all necessary materials and resources, and inspiring teachers of virtue, scholars choose to study hard and learning occurs.