Core Values » Core Value #7 – Modeling What We Teach

Core Value #7 – Modeling What We Teach

Teachers are also scholars. They actively pursue their own classical education.  Teaching and learning then become joint pursuits for both teacher and scholar. Our teachers study great classics outside of the classroom and outside their disciplines.  JAA invites all members of its community, teachers, scholars, staff, parents, and board members, to be actively engaged in their own classical education.  We should only ask our scholars to do what we ourselves are doing.


A corollary notion is the application of the knowledge learned.  Classics should be applied in our everyday lives. They have the power to lift and elevate the soul and should be studied with this in mind.  Principles learned from classical texts are applied to real life situations through simulated experiences in the classroom.  Historical games are played where scholars impersonate key historical figures.  Through such experiences, scholars come face-to-face with the challenges and dilemmas faced by great men and women of the past.  Likewise, scholars can experience present challenges through mock trials, moot courts, and other simulated experiences.


Finally, mentor classes are offered each Friday, where members of the community teach classes about their particular vocation or other special interest.  Particular emphasis is placed on how one’s personal skills can be used to serve the community. Scholars gain ideas on how they can prepare themselves for lives of servant leadership.