In-Person Instruction Details and Updated FAQ Document

Dear John Adams Academy Families,

As we prepare for the first day of in-person instruction on Wednesday, September 30th  at the Roseville campus and Monday, October 5th at the Lincoln campus, we wanted to share some important information regarding our health and safety protocols. These protocols were developed in careful consideration of state and local guidelines.  John Adams Academy is committed to both the safety of our scholars and staff as well as returning to normal as quickly as is reasonable.

We have received multiple communications from our John Adams Academy community regarding our health and safety protocols, mostly surrounding the requirement of face coverings. Some communications contain questions about the requirement of face coverings, especially in light of the recent Placer County Board of Supervisor’s decision to end the local Covid-19 emergency status. Other communications offer appreciation for our health and safety protocols, including the requirement to wear face coverings. We understand this is a sensitive issue, and have reached out to the new Placer County Health Officer for further direction. Until any new direction is received, we will continue to follow the guidance provided from our county Public Health Office to follow the requirements outlined in the CDPH guidance.  

If you have any questions regarding the county’s implementation of the states CDPH guidance for schools, please reach out to county health officials with your concerns. The county health official can be contacted here:

Additionally, you can contact state and local representatives regarding these issues.

You can view the CDPH guidance for Schools and School Based Programs here:

We have updated our School Opening FAQ document – it is attached for your review. However, we wanted to provide a brief summary of our plans and the updates to the FAQ in this communication.

Social Distancing and Cohorts:

Classrooms have been arranged to allow for as much social distancing as possible. Desks have been separated and there are no groupings of scholars in seating arrangements. We have removed any unnecessary furnishings to allow for spacing between scholar desks while accommodating class sizes averaging 23 – 30 scholars per classroom.

Elementary scholar cohorts will consist of scholars assigned to the same classroom. Recess, snack breaks, specials classes and other activities will take place while maintaining each cohort, with scholars having limited interactions with anyone outside of their designated cohort.

Due to the multi-grade nature of secondary classes, scholar cohort lines are not as clearly drawn as they are in the elementary.  However, secondary scholars are separated by grade level for most classes.  To limit scholar exposure to other scholars, within classes, scholars are grouped and assigned to sit next to the scholars they have come with from the previous class, and the scholars they will be with, in their next class. Also, Scholars will have minimal interaction with peers they do not take classes with. Walking traffic patterns have been established inside all secondary buildings to maintain limited exposure to multiple scholars

Plexiglas shields have been provided for areas where the public will regularly interact with the JAA staff (i.e.: front desk) and small group instructional spaces (i.e.: intervention room, SPED services).

Face Coverings:

Face coverings must be used, particularly in indoor environments and areas where physical distancing alone is not sufficient to prevent disease transmission.


Face Covering Requirement

Under 2 years old


2 years old - 2nd grade

Strongly encouraged**

3rd grade - High School

Yes, unless exempt

**Face coverings are strongly encouraged for young children between two years old and second grade, if they can be worn properly. A face shield is an acceptable alternative for children in this cohort who cannot wear them properly.

When social distancing is in place, scholars will be provided opportunities within their cohorts to have breaks from wearing face coverings.

When scholars are outdoors for recess, breaks and physical education activities face coverings are not required within cohorts.

For additional details regarding face coverings and exemptions, please see attached FAQ.

On Campus Visitors and Volunteers:

John Adams Academy values family and community support for our staff and scholars, however, we will be limiting on-campus visitors and volunteers as we limit outside contact for our scholars and staff. 

We encourage families to call or email the academy whenever possible to limit gathering in the school office.

We also encourage families to reach out to teachers or the Parent Service Organization to find opportunities to support the academy through at-home volunteer service.

Thank you again for your support of these efforts to open our campus for instruction and maintain health and safety for our John Adams Academy community.

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