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“The great leader is seen as servant first” 

– Robert K. Greenleaf



A servant leader is a servant first, driven by an inner compass of virtues or core values, with a natural desire to serve and empower others. This is not about being subservient but about sincerely wanting to help others by identifying and meeting needs.


A servant leader has the gift of persuasion through moral authority: the principled use of natural virtues unique to them for the benefit of others. Positional authority: titles, credentials, degrees give only the opportunity to lead but it is the actions in behalf of others that can command, inspire and motivate change and moral behavior in others. A servant leader has submitted himself to his higher nature and asks, “What is wanted of me?”


A servant leader has vision. They have knowledge of the past, recognize what is needed to improve their life, family, community and world and act to bring about a better future for others.


A servant leader applies true principles such as: public and private virtue, natural law, liberty, life, personal responsibility, etc.


A servant leader has the ability to build coalitions and inspire others to follow as first among equals. They see where things are in their condition, where they should be, and then insert themselves to voluntarily move self and others to the ideal. They model what they teach. Every servant becomes a leader because of their example and influence.


A servant leader understands that life is not just a quest for pleasure or power but of meaning. Meaning and happiness is found when one is dedicated to a cause greater than oneself. The servant nature is not bestowed and cannot be taken away; it is who one is deep inside. Once this is recognized the servant intentionally chooses to lead. American Classical Servant Leadership™ is about becoming.