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We have mature and determined scholars, however, sometimes we get sidetracked because our highest grade level is 9th and we are still learning the ropes of how a government meeting is supposed to look. We have made a lot of progress in our meetings and been able to achieve a lot of goals because of it. Our scholars have been able to introduce proposed bills in our monthly meetings and then pass on bills for admin passage (Dean Cammarota) and “put into law.” A few examples are: “spirit days” planned around Halloween, the Entrepreneurial Fair, and our first official secondary school dance.


We spent the first couple meetings in November (and late October) discussing how we wanted to advertise and set up for the 3rd Entrepreneurial Fair. We also set up a dance committee via our deme classrooms (1 per for a total of 12). The last 3 weeks our focus has been on planning for the dance. It is our first official secondary (7th-9th actually) dance after 2 and half years of existence. The scholars wanted that to be a priority and because of our meetings, we were able to make it happen. Scholar government has also reached out to our PSO for their assistance. They have been vital to our success and growth as a campus and we are extremely for their support and guidance.


I am very grateful to be a part of this process and I am so happy to see so many scholars from all secondary grades work together for a common cause. Each scholar embodies so many of our Core Values and they truly have the best interests of our campus at heart.


Lucas Swaika

Secondary Humanities Teacher