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Volunteer to be a Community Mentor

Volunteering to become a Community Mentor

While informal mentoring by all academy stakeholders is expected and encouraged, the academy actively seeks to facilitate formal community mentoring experiences throughout a scholar’s time at the academy. These experiences may include but are not limited to: opportunities for mentor guided reading of classic books in business, self-improvement, science, history, art and other topics of interest to the scholars; opportunities to participate in lectures or classes devoted to subjects or topics of interest to the scholars; opportunities to participate in job shadowing or career presentations; opportunities to participate in community sponsored service projects; opportunities to be guided by a mentor in projects of art, sculpture, design, business planning, coding etc.  

If you have an interest in participating as a formal community mentor at John Adams Academy, or know of a mentoring opportunity you feel may be beneficial to the scholars, please reach out to [email protected]. We will be happy to provide feedback on any proposed mentoring topics or experiences. Please note that all mentoring topics and/or experiences are expected to support and uphold the mission, vision, and core values of John Adams Academy and are subject to review by academy officials. Topics or experiences that are deemed inappropriate or not supportive of the Academy’s mission or vision will not be offered to the scholars.