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Scholar-Athlete Handbook



Welcome to John Adams Academy Athletics! We look forward to a great year of participation. We are excited to see competitive play, outstanding sportsmanship and personal growth for all the scholars participating in athletics. Athletics contributes to the positive connection of scholars to their school experience and lifelong enrichment.  The athletics program is meant to enhance, neverto supersede the classical education offered by John Adams Academy.  



Participation in athletics is a privilege for John Adams Academy scholars in good academic standing.  Athletic participation is meant to enhance the academic experience and personal development of the scholars.  As coaches and players we represent John Adams Academy to the community and seek to exemplify the Ten Core Values in our efforts.  Our coaches, scholar-athletes and parents are expected to display exemplary sportsmanship in all ways.





Athletics is a self-funding program and requires a substantial amount of funds to operate.  We do not receive budget funds,  to make these programs possible. Your contribution helps offset the costs of, facilities, referees, league dues, equipment, uniforms, and many other necessary expenses our program incurs.


  • We request an Athletic Contribution from all scholars participating in athletics.
  • We encourage parent and scholar-athlete involvement in fundraising efforts.


The Athletic Contribution is voluntary, and your supportive contribution will allow our athletic programs to flourish and succeed.  Please refer to the Athletics section on the John Adams Academy website for suggested donation amounts for each sport.  Without your help and participation, these programs are not possible...THANK YOU!!!


Athletics are an important opportunity, to enrich our scholars’ lives and futures. We are striving to offer quality athletic opportunities for your sons and daughters, and hope you will share our commitment by contributing.  It is our sincere hope and desire that this athletic contribution causes no hardship to your family. For this reason, John Adams Academy will accept all contribution amounts; please contact your athletic director if there’s a hardship.





All scholar-athletes need to be committed to giving full effort to every practice as well as every game/match/meet.  This demonstrates respect for your fellow team members and coaches.


Items required for participation in athletics:


1.Athletic Participation Authorization Form

  1. Emergency and Health Information Form
  2. Athletic Contribution Form for EACH sport
  3. *Physical Clearance-NOT the entire physical form, only the clearance page
  4. A signed uniform contract


*HIGH SCHOOL scholar-athletes are required by CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) to have a physical examination to participate (This is NOT required for middle school athletes). This is a CIF mandated rule that will be strictly followed.


All required forms must be submitted PRIOR to beginning practices.





It is critical to the success of our athletic programs to communicate effectively with one another.  Please follow the communication guidelines outlined below.


Coach Responsibilities: It is the coach’s responsibility to abide by all John Adams Academy policies, treat scholar-athletes with respect, clearly communicate expectations, practice, game/match/meet times and locations via direct instructions, a posted schedule and email. Coaches Handbook outlines these responsibilities in greater detail.

Our coaches are to follow the CIF guidelines for pursuing victory with honor found here


Scholar-Athlete Responsibilities: It is the scholar-athlete’s responsibility to abide by all John Adams Academy policies, demonstrate respect for coaches, officials and other players, listen to the coach’s instructions, review published materials, and discuss any issues or concerns with the coach privately.  

Our scholars are to follow the CIF guidelines for pursuing victory with honor, found here


Parent Responsibilities:  Review and be familiar with policies, requirements and posted schedules.  When attending events, all communication to players, coaches and officials should be of a positive nature.  Direct contact with the opposing coach or team is not acceptable.   If an athlete is not able to resolve a concern via direct contact with the coach, the parent may contact the coach via phone or email to discuss the issue.  It is not appropriate to discuss an issue immediately before or after a game/match/meet.  Please wait 24 hours, if you still feel it’s important, contact the coach first then, if needed, the athletic director.  Remember that JAA coaches are unpaid volunteers generously donating their time to benefit our scholar-athletes.

Our parents are to follow the CIF guidelines for pursuing victory with honor found here




The conduct of a scholar-athlete needs to be above reproach. Because of the nature of athletics (i.e. practices, games, road trips), much is required of the scholar-athlete in the areas of self-discipline and commitment.


“One of the most important benefits of athletics is that it is a microcosm of life. Competitive athletics provide us with a mirror for our real attitudes.  It is interesting that frequently the same attitudes we show in athletics are those we show in non-athletic activities when situations are similar.”

-Wes Neal, The Handbook on Coaching Perfection





In the area of athletic competition, a scholar-athlete never uses profanity or illegal tactics. A quality athlete should be gracious in defeat and modest in victory. It is always courteous to congratulate the opponent on a well-played game after the contest whether in victory or defeat. This will mean there will be no fits of temper, disrespectful behavior, ridicule, etc. When things fail to go as desired, or when being replaced by a teammate.  A scholar-athlete’s goal is to have complete self-control at all times; GREATER THAN SELF.


Officials in a game are there for the purpose of insuring that both teams will play fairly. Officials do not "lose" a game for you. It is an athletic tradition and rule that no one except the appointed captain can talk to the official, and he/she should speak in a tone of respect and only for the purpose of clarifying a rule, not to question their judgment.


Any behavior contrary to these guidelines is a negative reflection on the school, team, and coaches. Violations of a serious nature may result in suspension and possible expulsion from the team.




Each scholar-athlete directly represents John Adams Academy, the team, and the coaches at home and when traveling. Athletes are to conduct themselves in a quiet and respectful manner.  Following weekday competitions, scholar-athletes are expected to be on time to school the next day.




A scholar-athlete is to display good citizenship and succeed academically. Time must be carefully planned to provide sufficient energy for studies to ensure grades are in good standing. At John Adams Academy, an athlete must maintain eligibility standards both in academics and citizenship. Failure to meet these standards will result in the scholar-athlete being declared ineligible to participate in athletics.  In addition to maintaining eligibility standards, an athlete should give respectful attention to school and classroom activities and show respect for scholars, staff, faculty, and administrators at all times.   If a scholar-athlete is suspended from school, he/she will automatically be suspended from the next athletic contest.




Scholar-athletes are expected to arrive to practice on time, ready to participate at the starting time specified by the coach.  This demonstrates respect for the time invested by your coach and teammates as well as the resources allocated to make practice and play possible.  Scholars must communicate with coaches about missing a practice or a game before the start time of the practice or game. A scholar athlete will sit out for a set amount of time for missing a practice as determined by the coach (i.e. missed practice = sit out for one quarter). Practice clothing needs to meet JAA standards.





Scholar-athletes are personally and financially responsible for all equipment and uniforms checked out to them. If lost, misused, or destroyed, scholar-athletes are responsible for REPLACEMENT COST of the items. Items that are returned must be the same item that was checked out to the athlete at the beginning of the season. Treat all equipment with the upmost respect.   Do not share or abuse the equipment. Failure to return the school's uniform within one week of final contest will result in billing to replace any article not returned.



  • Scholar-athletes must keep the uniform number they are assigned at the beginning of the season and at no time may they change their uniform with a teammate without permission of the coach.
  • Uniforms are not to be worn to practice and/or school. (Please only wear them ONLY when playing a contest).
  • Scholar-athletes must wash and care for their uniform after each contest.
    (Please launder uniform according to directions on tag. Wash all uniforms in COLD water, hang to dry when possible).
  • At no time may a scholar-athlete alter or change the original shape or form of the uniform.
  • Failure to return any piece of the uniform assigned or if the uniform is returned damaged, the full dollar amount of the uniform will be charged, or if required, a cleaning fee.



A team cannot function as a “TEAM” in the purest sense of the word without several expectations placed on its members. The following expectations are placed on scholar-athletes in an effort to reinforce the “TEAM” concept:


  • All scholar-athletes are expected to maintain conduct in accordance with the John Adams Academy Core Values and Policies.
  • Sideline and bench conduct is to be consistent with school policy and will be supervised by the coach.
  • Scholar-athletes will be in proper practice attire (JAA standards) or they will not be allowed to practice.
  • If a scholar-athlete is late to practice or does not attend practice for an inexcusable reason (i.e. taking to a friend, forgot clothes, etc.) he/she may not start in the next athletic event. Leaving practice early without approval of the coach may have the same or more severe consequence.
  • If a scholar-athlete quits or is dropped from the team, he/she will not be eligible for awards that season.




Scholar-athletes who are ill and/or medically excused from school will also be excused from practice and/or games. Following are the guidelines for illnesses:


  • If a scholar-athlete misses more than half, or up to an entire school day for illness, he/she may attend practice but will not be allowed to participate in practice. He/she may not participate in a game on that day.
  • If a scholar-athlete goes home ill during the day, he/she should attempt to contact their coach and/or inform them of the situation.
  • A scholar-athlete who is home ill should contact the coach as early as possible on a practice or on game days so that the coach may adjust the line-up.  




When a scholar-athlete is required by his/her parents be absent for a family function, this is to be accepted as a pre-arranged absence from practices and/or games. When the athlete returns, he/she is not guaranteed his/her previous position on the team (i.e. starting position). Other pre-arranged absences will be considered on an individual basis.


Scholar-athletes should make every effort to schedule non-emergency medical or dental appointments so as not to conflict with practices or games. If an appointment is scheduled which conflicts with a practice or game, the coach must be notified in advance. If this notification does not take place, the athlete may be considered unexcused, and therefore may not be allowed to practice or participate in a game.  If the athlete has a medical appointment in the morning or afternoon, he/she must come to school and endeavor to attend more than half of the school day on the day of the game or practice, and must have a written note from his/her doctor or parent in order to play or practice that day. Scholar-athletes who miss more than half of the school day for dental, medical, or other non-emergency appointments will not be allowed to practice or play in a game that day.




Scholar-Athletes who have competed, in good standing an entire high school varsity season, will be eligible for a varsity letter and a patch for the sport they participated in. Each additional season of any one sport will qualify the scholar to receive a bar for that sport. 


Varsity letter distribution will be at the discretion of the Coach and/or Athletic director. In order to place an order for a letterman jacket, a contract must be signed with the Academy’s athletic director.





Grade checks will be conducted bi-monthly.  A scholar will be ineligible under any of the following circumstances:


  • Any grade below a “C” in any course.
  • One “incomplete” unless caused by absence due to personal illness or death in the immediate family, and there is evidence of progress in completing the work.
  • One unsatisfactory (“U”) citizenship grade during any quarter or semester.





A scholar will be ineligible for a minimum of two weeks.   After two weeks, the scholar's grades will be reviewed. The scholar must be receiving at least a 70 percent (70%) academic score in each class and satisfactory (“S”) citizenship grades in each class.  If a scholar's academic or citizenship grades are not up to the reinstatement standard after two weeks, his or her progress will be reviewed every two weeks thereafter to determine eligibility.





Athletics provide an excellent opportunity for scholars to learn life lessons about success, failure, teamwork, and discipline. Studies indicate that participation in athletics results in higher self-esteem and academic achievement.  We encourage scholars to participate in the sports that are offered at John Adams Academy.


On occasion, extenuating circumstances may need to be considered related to policies or procedures contained in this Handbook. The school administration will make the final decision regarding implementation of policies and procedures when extenuating circumstances apply.


John Adams Academy reserves the right to change any policy or procedure of the school at any time, when in the sole discretion of the school, it determines that such change is in the best interest of the school or the scholars; changes will be communicated to all families.