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Plagiarism in Middle School

Plagiarism in Middle School


Academic honesty is essential in developing the core values necessary to fulfill our mission of

developing servant leaders. Such moral integrity is just as important as our scholars’ academic

development. Academic dishonesty includes both cheating and plagiarism. Cheating is using

the knowledge or work of any other person to answer questions or complete assignments that

are to represent the scholar’s own knowledge or effort, i.e. copying from another’s test. It is also

using one’s own efforts in ways prohibited by the teacher (i.e. using a book to answer questions

on a closed book assignment.)


Plagiarism is representing the ideas, words, or work of another as if they were their own. This

does not mean that a scholar cannot use other person’s ideas or work in their papers. Rather it

means that scholars must properly give credit when using ideas, words, or work of another

person. One does this by properly citing sources from which they borrow other’s words, work, or ideas. When citing sources, scholars are to follow the format required by the teacher of their



Written assignments are to be completed after the recommended readings. If papers are to be

a summary of an individual book assigned, then the scholar must simply note at the end of their

paper that their source was from a specific book. If ideas have come from any other source, or

from a combination of sources, whether book, periodical, or the internet, the scholar must

properly document each and every source used, through the use of footnotes, endnotes, or intext citations, whether directly quoted, or paraphrased. Scholars will include a bibliography or

list of works cited as per the direction of their teacher.


Failure to do so will result in an “F” grade for the assignment. The second incident will result in

an “F” grade for the assignment and the scholar may be asked to appear before the school

board of John Adams Academy and/or be suspended from the academy.