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The Pillars of Education

In the American Classical Leadership Education model, the foundation is necessarily liberty. The apex is servant leadership. This model is designed to nurture the practice of servant leadership to cultivate in our scholars a greater-than-self conviction. The pillars form the education portion of our model.


Our scholars are invited, inspired, and led to servant leadership through the four liberty-based pillars. These pillars are what the Academy implements day-to-day at each of our campuses with all of our scholars. In Latin, “education” is “educare,” derived from the roots that mean to draw out or to lead forth. The education portion of the model is leadership, not management. It is the act of a servant leader in the context of helping another discover their special excellence and become who they were meant to be.


These pillars of education liberate the scholar by enabling the scholar to discover truth. The scholar is invited by great mentors to act on that truth and in the process develops wisdom. It is through engaging in the classics and by the examples of great mentors that a scholar is inspired to develop the virtue to know and do what is right. These are the necessary pillars for the cultivation of servant leadership of self-governing citizens who choose to serve. It is this type of servant leadership that is necessary for the perpetuation and protection of a free civil society.