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Program Overview

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Scholars engage with John Adam Academy teachers in an online format, and participate in independent practice. All scholars will engage daily in the American Classical Leadership Education® in both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. 

Synchronous - Instruction that involves live interaction with teachers, staff, and peers in live video environments.

Asynchronous - Scholars complete assignments and exercises independently whether online or offline.

There will be opportunities for scholars to participate in instruction and discussions in large group sessions, as well as small group sessions. Participation in these synchronous activities will be required for scholar attendance. Tutoring is available, and scholars are assessed regularly and held to the same academic standards as their in-person program peers.


John Adams Academy institutional and educational philosophy and mission will remain constant whether scholars participate online or in-person. Online scholars will fully participate in and benefit from the academy’s classical approach, curriculum and the cultivation of character and virtue through our 10 core values and the exploration and examination of the true, the good and the beautiful.  
The Academy’s online program is firmly rooted in John Adams Academy’s unique American Classical Leadership Education® model which is the foundation of all learning at John Adams Academy. Our dedicated and professional online program staff will be pairing our American Classical Leadership Education® model with best practices in online instruction for scholars of all ages and experience.
The fundamentals of a John Adams Academy education are rich and rigorous subject matter grounded in our American Classical Leadership Education® model, high expectations for academics and behavior, and school culture and community rooted in a love and respect for America’s heritage and our John Adams Academy’s 10 Core Values We know that these are the reasons families choose John Adams Academy, and we know that this is what families desire in a robust online learning option.

John Adams Academy online scholars learn the same subjects and take the same courses as they would in-person.  The curriculum of the John Adams Academy online program will mirror the rich American Classical Leadership Education® curriculum used in our in-person programs.  Most importantly, curriculum and content will be delivered in a way that inspires wonder and cultivates a desire to learn which is an essential component of the John Adams Academy educational experience.

They receive instruction that is equivalent, but not identical: lessons delivered by teachers may be over live video or may be pre-recorded; lessons and assessments may be shorter and more frequent than in the classroom; independent scholar activity may be unsupervised rather than under the direct, real-time supervision of the teacher.

While John Adams Academy online scholars progress through the curriculum at a similar pace to their in-person program peers and reach the same endpoint, they may spend less time on some topics and more time on others in order to allow for individual scholar, class, and program needs. 

John Adams Academy-Online will provide families with Academy curriculum and essential materials and manipulatives. 

All online learning scholars have a daily program of regular, structured school in which they must participate.  Some of this is live, synchronous video classes, lessons, and activities which take place at scheduled, regular times. Daily engagement through our online platform is required.  The John Adams Academy-Online model is not one of independent work with occasional teacher interaction; it is one of regular online instruction and contact with teachers and peers, supported by independent work.  John Adams Academy-Online is not homeschool; it is, rather, school at home.

Scholars are accountable for daily work, and teachers will regularly and actively assess scholar progress. The grading systems used for in-person learning will be the same for the online program.

Parents are expected to encourage, inspire and support their scholars in their online learning. Parents will provide a clean, inspiring, quiet space for scholars to conduct their online classes. Parents will also actively check their scholars' work and progress in their classes and will help them access all online formats, materials and supplies. Most of all, parents will make learning a top priority in their homes.

Required Attendance and Engagement

  • Daily login to online platforms required
  • Daily submission of student work (not weekly submissions)
  • Attendance in online classes required
  • Academic and other consequences for non-attendance

It is not enough for John Adams Academy-Online scholars to be academically engaged in school. Opportunities must also be present for social and emotional engagement with teachers and peers. Part of this is satisfied by daily, synchronous video lessons and classes, but schools also create new forms of online community to keep students connected to each other and to their school. Class celebrations, themed social events, school assemblies, and other activities are created to complement the plan for John Adams Academy-Online. Online scholars will also have the opportunity to connect with their peers in optional in-person learning experiences that will be organized by our parent volunteers, teachers and administration.

100% Online with Optional In-Person Gatherings

  • Daily video lessons, assignments, classes, and support.
  • Daily video engagement with teachers and peers.
  • Use of all online platforms required.
  • No option for paper packets or paper turn in; unless a specific accommodation necessitates it. Younger grades may be provided materials more often in order to facilitate hands-on learning experiences which are essential in their development.
  • Scholars will have the opportunity to participate in on campus enrichment activities should they choose.
  • Parent volunteers, teachers and online staff will also provide opportunities for online scholars to connect and learn together in an in-person environment at John Adams Academy campuses.

At John Adams Academy we want to recognize scholar accomplishments in their mastery of grammar, logic and rhetoric; and in application of the principles of freedom and servant leadership, not solely by GPA.

The Academy’s assessment methods are based on the following beliefs:

  1. Authentic: Scholar assessments must be authentic. The Academy uses backward design planning to ensure assessments measure the actual learning that has taken place. Within this model, pretests are given, learning outcomes established, and assessments are designed before any learning activities are introduced. Teachers need to specifically know what common core standards and other information they want their scholars to attain before they can design the learning steps necessary for mastery of this information. There are less “textbook developed” tests and more teacher created and project-based assessments.
  2. Multiple Measures: The Academy utilizes a variety of assessments (i.e. tests, observations, projects, standardized tests, classroom discussions, term papers) to determine scholar achievement.
  3. On-going: Scholars need on-going assessments in order to ascertain whether skills and knowledge have been truly mastered. Teachers use formative (specific skills), summative (overall concepts), and portfolio assessments as evidence of scholar achievement.
  4. Informative: Assessments should promote and support reflection and self evaluation on the part of scholars, staff, and parents.
      • Standards based grades and feedback provided in elementary. Letter based grades and feedback provided in secondary.
      • Assignments and assessments scored and graded regularly
      • All grading and feedback will be done with a mentoring mindset and goal of helping scholars learn and grow both academically and in their ability to show perseverance and diligence in becoming scholar empowered learners.

Formal Assessments

      • Regular assessments for online learning scholars (BPST, Fountas and Pinnel, i-ready (elementary) i-ready, PSAT and CLT (secondary)
      • Required state standardized testing (CAASPP, CAST, PFT) in Spring for grades where it is required.

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