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Program Overview

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John Adam Academy’s online program provides families with flexibility. Providing a unique combination of self-paced independent work as well as weekly quality LIVE instruction and class collaboration.

The online program aims to provide flexibility while still providing the framework and support for John Adams Academy rigorous academic curricula, standards, and the development of scholars in servant leadership. In the online program parents are considered the primary mentors of their children and partnership between parents and teachers is key to scholar success. The online program also prioritizes building relationships between teachers, scholars, and peers. We strive to build friendships and thriving class settings where scholas participate in a fun, collaborative learning environment.  

John Adams Academy’s online program utilizes Canvas as a learning management system where all instruction, assignments and feedback are kept in an easy to navigate system. Most scholars by mid-year second grade can navigate Canvas with minimal help from parents. Scholars have a combination of LIVE class times and self-paced independent work within a 20-school day period. LIVE sessions are held Monday-Thursday with no required LIVE time on Friday’s although scholars/parents can request meetings with the teacher. The bulk of LIVE class times are held Tuesday-Thursday.


Scholars and families get a front row seat and participate in instruction and discussions in large group sessions, as well as small group and 1-1 sessions with their teachers. Scholars also have access to teacher made videos for direct instruction at all grade levels.

John Adams Academy’s online program implements the same rigorous American Classical Leadership Education provided in our brick-and-mortar campuses. Scholars participate in daily flag ceremonies that include discussions, assignments, activities and 1-1 mentor meetings with their teacher that help them develop as a servant leader.


Technology including laptop, charger, and document camera as well as paper copies of curriculum are provided to scholars. Scholars are required to use school provided technology for oral exams, state testing and other proctored exams.

Parent volunteers are invited to coordinate academic field trips and park gatherings for their grade level throughout the year. Parents are also able to communicate freely with other grade level families on ParentSquare to coordinate get togethers, birthday party invitations etc.

Fully immunized online scholars can participate in any after school enrichment activity held at their campus including sports, robotics clubs, choir etc. Information regarding these programs is communicated via ParentSquare.



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All online scholars are required to attend 50% of LIVE classes offered within a 20-school day period. However, it is recommended that scholars attend at least 70% of LIVE classes to fully utilize and benefit from John Adams Academy’s classical program. TK-8th grade scholars are required to complete at least 50% of assigned work to remain in good academic standing. However, it is recommended that scholars complete at least 70% of work assigned to help guarantee meeting of learning standards for each course. High school scholars must earn a 70% grade at the end of the year to pass a course. Scholars earning less than 70% will be required to retake the course to receive credit.

Parents are expected to encourage, inspire, and support their scholars in their online learning. Parents will provide a clean, inspiring, quiet space for scholars to conduct their online classes. Parents will also actively check their scholars' work and progress in their classes and will help them access all online formats, materials and supplies. Most of all, parents will make learning the main priority in their homes.

Scholars and families are accountable for daily work and LIVE attendance. Teachers and administrators will regularly and actively assess scholar progress, attendance, and participation.