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“Virtus,” Latin for “Virtue” is the name of John Adams Academy – Roseville's Advanced Vocal EnsembleVirtus is one of the longest-enduring institutions at John Adams Academy.  Since 2013, the three-fold vision of Virtus has remained the same: 


EXCELLENCE in Musicianship and Performance (the Greek meaning of virtue or “arête”) 

EXCELLENCE of Character (the medieval Christian meaning of “virtue”) 

EXCELLENCE in Courage and Valor, in service to the academy and community (the Roman meaning of virtue or “virtus”).   


Through the performance of great works, Virtus is the embodiment of the mission and vision of the Academy and a profound reminder of the beauty and power of an institution that works to help form great citizens and great souls By regularly performing at Academy events such as Constitution Day, Veterans Day, Revolution Run, graduations, assemblies and flag ceremonies, Virtus serves the needs of fellow scholars as well as staff and helps to add beauty and inspiration to Academy programming. 


Virtus is one of the major public contributions of the Academy to our broader community. Through participation in Virtus, scholars get the opportunity to perform at community events such as: Rocklin Hot Chili & Cool Cars, Roseville Christmas Tree Lighting, and JAA Foundation Nativity. Close to home, Scholars have sung in the California State Capitol, Roseville City Hall, the American Legion and other veterans organizations. In their travels, they have sung in amazing places like the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and Historic Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York to name a few. Virtus, always does so with a love for America, a love of the Academy, and a heart of service for those to whom they perform.  


Virtus has regularly earned “Superior” ratings at the Sacramento-area Golden Empire Music Festivals and has three times received “Gold” ratings at the national Heritage Festival online, in Nashville, and in the Bay Area, most recently winning four top honors at the New York City Heritage Festival, including an adjudicators award, and an award for best soloist Dozens of Virtus choir members have been accepted into honor choirs on the Sacramento, Central California, All-State, and Western States levels. Many have gone on to further their studies at top institutions in a variety of disciplines. 


Participating in these local, state, and national-level events has allowed scholars in Virtus to excel at our choir’s mission while being great ambassadors of virtue and excellence. 


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