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About Me

Hey everyone! I am excited for another great year at JAA.  I have been with JAA since we opened in August 2011 and love being here.  This year I am taking on a new adventure as the EL Development Teacher working with our scholars who have English as a second language.  I hope to support and guide your scholars through a fun filled year of learning.   
When I'm not preparing for scholars I enjoy spending time with my husband and young daughter.  Throughout the year we enjoy spending time with family and friends, camping, hiking, and being outdoors.  
"Teachers and Staff Favorites"  Each year we are asked about our favorite things.  I have mine listed below for all who might wonder.
Birthday: June 2
Favorite Colors: Blue, Green, purple
Allergies: Gluten Sensitive, lavender scents, floral scents, lilies, 
Favorite Foods: Tacos, Chicken dishes, meat and veggie lasagna
Favorite Restaurants: Cheesecake Factory, On The Border, Rubios, and many more =)
Favorite Snacks: GF crackers or chips, cashews and macadamia nuts,Cheetos
Favorite Junk Food or Candy: Junior Mints, Recess's PB Cups, PB M&M's, things that are minty
Favorite Dessert: Ice cream, cheesecake, cookies
Favorite Beverage: Sprite, root beer, lemonade,
    Jamba Juice: Protein Berry Workout with Soy, Surfrider with banana instead of peaches
    Starbucks: Green Tea Blended Frap made w/ soy & no whip cream
Favorite Holiday/Season: Christmas
Favorite Sport/Team: Giants (baseball)
Favorite Type of Music: New Country, Modern Christian, instrumental
Favorite books to read: mystery / detective