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Welcome to the John Adams Academy Video and Podcast page. A fun and easy way to learn more about our American Classical Leadership Education®. Explore the great ideas and differing perspectives, to see how the pursuit of the true, good, and beautiful can lead to a better understanding and development of our own character and humanity. 


Our goal is to provide easily accessible content that will inspire you to go deeper in your learning and will spark your moral imagination. By gaining a better understanding of the aims of our model of education and by mentoring in the model together, we can continue to build a culture of selfless service and goodwill towards others.


We are pleased to present our first two series, A Revolution in Education and The Statesman. Each is designed out of love for our vision and mission and is created to share the abundance of goodness that abounds in our approach. Please click the corresponding tabs to the right to access the latest episodes.


We hope you enjoy these productions and look forward to providing more inspiring content.