Secondary Latin

Welcome back to Latin!  Whether you are just beginning your exciting journey or have already tasted the honor and glory of the eternal language of the Latins, the rustic heroes who built and gilded ancient Rome, you have arrived to a place of growth, discipline, and bristling discovery.  Many have extolled Latin for its clear insights into other languages; others have praised it for its musical nature and exacting architecture.
In our Secondary Latin classes however, we will be reminded above all else that Latin is the living language of strange but familiar people, whose poems and speeches, gravestones and carvings each share our potent human story.  The careful language that we will sift and winnow is a sturdy measure of the wisdom and hopes, tears and smiles, daring exploits and long sufferings of people who are not so unlike ourselves.
As we shall see, the Romans moved forward--and were often uncompromising in their standards of excellence, of efficiency, of sacrifice to the needs of their country.  Their legacy has been studied again by each generation because what they accomplished is simply stunning, because their words still resonate now, and because their example of service and industry is a beautiful thing, cherished in every heart.