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In accordance to state and federal law, John Adams Academy participates in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and the School Breakfast Program (SBP). This coming fall, the state of California requires all public schools to participate in the Universal Meal Program where all children are provided meals, free of charge, regardless of family income.


However, the Academy’s school funding is still tied to the percentage of scholars who qualify for free and reduced meal pricing based on completed meal applications. Because this helps us determine our funding, every John Adams Academy family is encouraged to fill out a free and reduced meal application regardless of whether they qualify or not. For a simple and secure method to apply, use our online application at For “District” please select John Adams Academy (Roseville, California). You can also print an application from the attachment below, download an application from our website, or pick up a copy at the front desk. Please submit any completed, printed copies to [email protected].


Where can I find information about the John Adams Academy meal program?

You can find School Meal Program information on the website under the FAMILIES tab on the main navigation bar.  Select SCHOOL MEAL PROGRAM.  


Do I have to pre-order beforehand?

Yes, to minimize food waste and to ensure that we have an adequate number of meals on hand, we base our meal service on pre-orders.  To ensure your scholar has the meal of their choice, please use the pre-order system. We will have a nutritious meal on hand, but, based on availability, it may not be the meal choice of the day if you have not pre-ordered.  We will have emergency meals on hand and will ensure nutritiously adequate meals are available for all scholars.  


Where can I find the pre-order form?

Pre-order links will be sent out weekly via ParentSquare and can also be found at the top of the SCHOOL MEAL PROGRAM ParentSquare group. Pre-orders are done two weeks in advance. Pre-orders must be submitted by Friday at 9:00 AM, two weeks prior to when you want your scholar to receive the meal.


What days are breakfast and lunch served?

Breakfast and lunch will be served each day school is in session.


Do I have to fill out a meal application?

We encourage all parents to complete and submit a meal application. Meal applications must be completed yearly.


In addition to potential benefits to families, the state uses completed meal applications to determine funding for John Adams Academy.  A portion of our funding as a public school is significantly affected by accurately qualifying families that are eligible for benefits. If there is any chance you may qualify for benefits, completing the application helps the Academy to ensure our funding levels are accurate.


If I complete a meal application, do I have to enter my household income?

Anyone completing a meal application must enter a correct household income and select the appropriate pay frequency for the amount you entered.  If you do not enter an income amount, the system will see that as zero and will qualify you for benefits.  The information listed in the form is confidential and not used for any other purpose.  Please also ensure that you are selecting the appropriate campus for your scholar.


Why should I complete a meal program application if I know my family does not qualify for free or reduced meal benefits.

Again, we encourage all families to fill out an application form, every year, as a portion of our funding as a public school is significantly affected by accurately qualifying families that are eligible for benefits. Even if you do not receive benefits, your determination helps us to calculate our percentages.  Titan allows you the easiest, most expedient way to pre-pay for meals and qualify for free or reduced benefits.


What happens if I pre-order and my child does not go through the meal line?

We order our meals a week ahead of time based on the pre-orders we receive from parents. The Academy has to pay for all meals ordered from our vendor based on parent pre-orders.  If you pre-ordered, we have purchased a meal for your scholar from our vendor and will have it available for them.  Although meals are free for your scholar, if your scholar doesn’t go through the line on the day you have pre-ordered, the cost of the meal is paid for by John Adams Academy. John Adams Academy is not reimbursed with state and federal funding until your scholar picks up their pre-ordered meal. Again, to prevent food waste or additional costs for the Academy we ask parents to be mindful in the pre-order process.


Where can I complete a meal application for the free and reduced meal program?

Go to to complete the online application (A link to the application is on the right on the Titan webpage.)  You can complete the meal application form after logging into your Titan account by clicking the plus sign at the top right of any page and selecting, NEW MEAL APPLICATION. 


Applications can be downloaded and printed off from the website. Go to the FAMILIES tab from the main navigation bar and select SCHOOL MEAL PROGRAM.  Select FREE & REDUCED MEAL APPLICATION on the right to locate and print the application. Please scan application to [email protected]  You may also obtain, complete and turn in completed applications at the front office.


What do I do if I am having trouble entering my information on Titan?

Be sure to use Google Chrome browser or Firefox. If after switching browsers you still experience issues, please contact Titan at (916) 467-4700 Option 2, then Option 1. Or click the EMAIL US link in the lower left of the Titan main screen.


This institution is an equal opportunity provider.