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Driver / Chaperones

Thank you for your interest in being a JAA Driver / Chaperone!
The safety of all scholars is JAA's first priority. To be a driver or chaperone, please complete the forms below and make sure you have updated all your driver documentation in the main office.  We look forward to fun outings with you as a driver / chaperone!
  1. Current & signed Driver Authorization Form (needed each academic year)
  2. Copy of current driver's license on file
  3. LiveScan fingerprint clearance on file at JAA (LiveScan clearance does not expire once completed for JAA)
  4. Copy of current Insurance Declaration Page* showing:
- Required Limits:
      Bodily Injury $100k/$300k
      Property Damage $50k
- Name(s) of insured driver(s)
- Current coverage dates (including expiration date. 'Continuous until cancelled' will not suffice)
*Copy of Insurance Card will not suffice