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Is John Adams Academy a private school?

No. John Adams Academy is a tuition-free public charter school.


What is a charter school?

Charter schools are public schools as defined by federal and state law. They must meet the same academic standards that all public schools are required to meet. Charter schools are:

  • Tuition-free and open to all students
  • Non-sectarian and do not discriminate on any basis
  • Publicly funded by local, state, and federal tax dollars based on enrollment
  • Held accountable to state and federal academic standards
  • Subject to ongoing oversight by the authorizing district
  • Required to complete an annual independent financial audit


Is John Adams Academy run by a “For-Profit” company?

No. John Adams Academy is operated by a non-profit organization, John Adams Academies, Inc. Its board members are unpaid volunteers, providing a service to the community.


If I live in the district where John Adams Academy is located will my child have priority in the admission process?

Yes. Potential scholars who live within the boundaries of the authorizing school district receive a priority in the admissions process over those who live outside of the authorizing school district boundaries.


What is a lottery and how does that work?

If there are more applications for a grade level than spaces available, John Adams Academy is required by California state law to conduct a public random lottery in order to offer out those spaces and establish a waitlist. As mentioned above, scholars within the district boundaries are given priority in the lottery process.


How are public funds allocated to charter schools?

In California, public school funding follows the student, with the funding going to the public school the parents choose, whether a public charter school or a traditional district school. When public charter schools are funded, there is no overall loss of public school money because charter schools are public schools.


I pay Mello-Roos on my property taxes; will John Adams Academy impact that money?

Approval of John Adams Academy will not impact the property taxes levied by the District. That money continues to be available to the District and is utilized according to the District’s budget process.


How does a charter school get its facilities?

There are several different ways a charter school may obtain facilities. In some cases, the charter school buys or builds its own facility. In other cases, the charter school can lease a facility. In some districts, the district has provided or leased an existing facility to the charter school. Based on its investment grade credit rating, John Adams Academy has purchased its own campus in Roseville on very favorable financial terms. In like manner, in Lincoln and El Dorado Hills, John Adams Academy has done the same.


Are John Adams Academy teachers credentialed?

Yes. As required by California law, John Adams Academy hires credentialed teachers for all core and college preparatory subjects.


If John Adams Academy opens in my community will my child be required to attend?

No. Public charter schools are schools of choice. No student is required to enroll, and no employee is required to work at a public charter school. John Adams Academy is open to any child, free of charge. Choice is a powerful tool for parents in making decisions for their children’s education.


Who can attend John Adams Academy?

As a school of choice, John Adams Academy is open to any student who wants to attend, regardless of where he or she lives in the state of California, space permitting.


Does John Adams Academy serve students with special needs?

Yes. John Adams Academy provides special education services and is open to all students irrespective of their needs. John Adams Academy partners with El Dorado County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) to provide programs necessary to serve the individualized educational needs of our students.