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Tamara Bennett



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Dr. Tamara Bennett is a trailblazer and dynamic innovator who is working to improve her community. A native of Detroit, MI, she relocated to the West Coast in 1996, and worked in corporate America as a sales representative and computer trainer for American Airlines. In 2000 she became the senior pastor of This Is Pentecost Fellowship Ministries (TIP), Sacramento, CA.


Dr. Bennett has experience with the formation and oversight of 501 c3 non-profit organizations, including a non-profit dedicated to the health of individuals and families in low income, under-represented, and disadvantaged communities.  Over the last 12 years, this non-profit has been a vital part of the impoverished South Sacramento Communities, forming partnerships with Sacramento Food Bank, VOAD, Walmart, and Smart & Final in an effort to close the gap on homelessness and food deprivation..


Her most recent endeavor is “The Space of Grace Youth Academy.”  Space of Grace is a program embracing the talent, wit and enthusiasm of our next generation. Using a variety of methods, programs and events, the Space of Grace Youth Academy helps channel and refine participant’s special capabilities and empower them to lead successful lives.


Tamara’s passion for empowering and educating the lives of others inspired her to continue her education with a focus on Educational Administration through the Fortune School of Education.  Dr. Bennett is a woman committed to touching hearts through ministry, philanthropy, education and outreach. Her dedication to this mission is unlimited by social, economic, or political status; it is driven by her desire to empower negativities into possibilities.