Counseling Office - Roseville

John Adams Academy Counseling Program


The John Adams Academy (JAA) Comprehensive School Counseling Program (CSCP) strives to provide all scholars with academic, social/emotional, and college/career skills to be successful servant leaders.

The role of a school counselor and the basis of JAA’s CSCP is to help scholars

  •         Apply academic achievement strategies
  •         Manage emotions and apply interpersonal skills
  •         Plan for postsecondary options (higher education, military, or the work force)

This is achieved primarily through small groups, classroom presentations, and collaboration with teachers, parents, and scholars. The counseling department also provides community referrals, crisis intervention, and individual sessions as needed. More specifically, school counselors provide:

  •         Individual scholar academic planning and goal setting
  •         School counseling classroom lessons based on scholar success standards
  •         Short-term counseling to scholars
  •         Referrals for long-term support
  •         Collaboration with families/teachers/administrators/community for scholar success
  •         Advocacy for scholars at individual education plan (IEP) meetings and other student-focused meetings (e.g. 504 plans, SST, & other scholar support).
  •         Data analysis to identify scholar issues, needs and challenges

 To request an appointment, scholars or parents can fill out a request form below:

Last Name: A-M Mr. Krohn Counselor Request Form

Last Name: N-Z Mrs. Murphy Counselor Request Form

Please allow 24 hours for a response Monday-Friday during school dates. If there is an emergency, please call 911.


Confidentiality Statement:

When scholars speak with a school counselor, what they say is confidential. Confidentiality will be breached under the following circumstances:

  • the scholar poses a danger to self
  • the scholar poses a danger to others
  • the scholar is being harmed by someone else  
This will continue to apply for phone and video appointments with the counselor. Due to the nature of phone and video conversations, confidentiality may be affected depending upon the scholar's location and access to privacy.

Please notify the counselor if there will be barriers to privacy during your conversation or if you have any concerns.

Updates & Events

 For general counseling program questions, please email:

Scholar Last Name: A-M - Mr.Krohn at

Scholar Last Name: N-Z - Mrs.Murphy at


Mr. Krohn

Chris Krohn

Mr. Krohn has lived in the Roseville area for over 30 years and is a dedicated servant leader in  his community. Since joining John Adams Academy (JAA) in 2017, Mr. Krohn has lived the mission, vision and core values of JAA. He is a teacher at his church in Roseville alongside his wife Alina. Mrs. Krohn teaches art at our Lincoln campus and is also dedicated to the academy and serving her community. Mr. and Mrs. K have a love for family, gardening, art, cooking, hiking, kayaking, camping and being outdoors.

Mr. Krohn started his post-secondary education at Sierra College to pursue a career as a history teacher.  Upon transferring to CSU Sacramento, Mr. Krohn completed his Baccalaureate degree in Social Studies and chose to continue his education in counseling. He earned his master’s degree in educational counseling at National University with a passion to serve the youth of his community in the educational setting. While completing  his internship in a school for students with emotional disturbance, Mr. Krohn found his passion helping youth with mental health struggles. In 2012, Mr Krohn decided to pursue a second master's degree at Alliant International University in Marriage and Family Therapy and is working on getting his hours for licensure at JAA.

Mrs. Murphy

Charity Murphy


Mrs. Murphy has lived in Roseville since 2012.  She joined John Adams Academy in 2017 as a school counseling intern where scholars 7-12 came to know and love her. Mrs. Murphy has been dedicated to establishing our college and career program.  She has been an essential member in building the John Adams Academy Comprehensive School Counseling Program and passing on her skills and knowledge to all three campuses.  

Outside of school, Mrs. Murphy is a wife and mother of four; two of which are current scholars at John Adams Academy in Roseville. She met her husband Andrew in high school and has served alongside him through his career in law enforcement for the past 22 years. She completed a Baccalaureate degree in Liberal Studies from Azusa Pacific University and a Masters degree in Educational Counseling from National University.