Ten Core Values » #7 – Modeling What We Teach

#7 – Modeling What We Teach

John Adams Academy seeks to inspire all members of our community (teachers, scholars, staff, parents, board members, etc.) to model what we teach by actively engaging in our own classical education —we only ask that which we ourselves are striving to do. Mentors are scholars first. We all actively pursue our own classical education by regularly studying and assimilating classics outside of the classroom, and often outside our own disciplines. Mentoring and learning then become joint pursuits for all members of the community. We also model and pursue growth in the Ten Core Values as we all grow into servant-leaders.


Understanding is facilitated when principles and knowledge encountered in a scholar’s studies are modeled in real life situations. To this end, principles and events from classics are coupled with simulated experiences such as mock trials, moot courts, classroom constitutional conventions, historical role playing, and other simulated experiences. Through such guided application, scholars come face to face with the challenges and dilemmas encountered by great men and women of the past. Assimilation occurs when the scholar applies the principles and knowledge learned from a model or simulation to their own lives.