Ten Core Values » #9 – Building a Culture of Greatness

#9 – Building a Culture of Greatness

Integral to the success of the mission of John Adams Academy is the development of great citizens and great souls. To do so, John Adams Academy seeks to build a culture of greatness. Greatness is found in using our virtues, gifts, and talents for others. In the 4th century BC, Aristotle emphasized that nobility, or greatness of soul, was a key moral virtue that each citizen should develop. This moral ideal has been expressed in classics such as great art, great architecture, great music, great literature, and great actions throughout history.


We build a culture of greatness through developing nobility of soul and mind, environment, and conduct. Great works that elevate the soul and expand the mind are carefully chosen and taught in every stage of the curriculum. Our facilities and classrooms are intentionally designed with emphases of space, unity, and beauty to have a positive impact on educational outcomes. Each member of our community is expected to conduct themselves with kindness and respect. Also, scholars participate in cultural and enrichment activities and formal events that cultivate greatness. By these practices, we help develop the citizens of respect, refinement, and service that Aristotle envisioned thousands of years ago. The outcome is a legacy of ordered liberty and freedom.